Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A New Venture

I'm so proud of EC =} while he is home this summer he was blessed with an internship position at a counseling center in town. Yesterday was his training session and he apparently had a great time.

He had been nervous about the position because it is actually working with client and family. I told him that was a sign that he was mature enough to take the responsibility seriously and that was awesome. Having a great day of training is always beneficial to a new employee and he said all was great.

I love seeing how his face lights up when he shares all the information that he gathered and all the things that he learned in the session. The God-given passion is all over his face. I am so excited for him, this is a new venture, another step on this journey of life.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tis the Season lol

Yes, it's that time of year again...HORSE SHOW SEASON!!!!! I type in purple in honor of Amber and Sam, purple is their color. Saturday was the first horse show of the season for us =o) Even though I have severe anxiety issues (worries of trailer incidences, forgetting important tack, injuries...) I love going to horse shows.

Amber and Sam did very well, their standings were: Open Western Go-As-You-Please Jackpot 5th; Western GAYP 4th; Open Western Pleasure Jackpot 3rd; Western Pleasure Adult 5th; Western Horsemanship Adult 4th. Unfortunately, Amber believes Sam's back needs an adjustment so the equine chiropractor will need to see him. His lope was not what it usually is =o( That upsets her greatly since she never wants him to be uncomfortable...she's a good'un lol.

I was doubly blessed because EC came to the show with us. He had only been to one local show last year and said that he really wanted to see what she does and experience all that she talks about all the time. Have I mentioned that I have great kids!!! Well, they aren't really kids kids...yikes!

The day was sunny and that was good to dry up all the rain that had fallen the week before the show...Amber was so glad that the show was not cancelled. The April show was, this though did not upset her since she wasn't home from college yet, hehe. There are so many shows that she wants to go to this summer, we shall see how many can actually be done. There are qualifying shows for 4H (yes, it's her last year in that) and AQHA shows that she may only get to experience as a spectator. That's OK, watching is fun and educational.

Well, I better run, store list to make and groceries to get. My home is full again, if only for the summer, and that makes me happy.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beautiful Day

Oh what a beautiful day =0) it's a breezy 72* and the windows are open. I try to do all of my house work during the week so that the weekend doesn't consist of chores and nothing else. The daily to-do's aren't that bad so they were done earlier. As soon as the washer finishes I shall retreat to the hammock that has been beckoning me for days =0) Yes, today is a wonderful day.

I pray your day is blessed and peaceful. Before I run off I would like to share a bit of 'therapy' with you. I went to the chiropractor a couple days ago because I could hardly move and my arm was in tremendous pain. While he was adjusting me and explaining that I had stressed my elbows from over use he shared that a person should have no more than ten things on their to-do list daily. TEN!?! I chuckled and said that I had ten every morning before I walked out the door and that I had three daily lists working at any one time.

He said that the healthy way to achieve all of our chores without overly stressing ourselves is to limit daily lists to ten and create a weekly list that a few things can be done daily off of. He even suggested a monthly or seasonal list but to never go over the ten items per day. Then he blew my the end of the day treat yourself to something (not food). But something that rewards you for accomplishing the ten items. My reward today will be the hammock =0)

I still have to figure out how to cut the to-do's down...especially since the kids will be home from college in a week. The lists grow the more bodies present lol.

TTFN...tah tah for now...gotta love Tigger

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rainy Blahs...

What a day...I know that we need rain and it is a typical event, but it's COLD! 41 with a wind chill of 37 brrrr. After tending to the horse stalls this morning I came home to clean the house, do laundry & sheets etc. When I was done I found myself looking at my screen saver lol, yes, I am special =} Seriously, Amber sent me a picture of Hawaii, black sands with a hammock tied to two coconut trees...ahhh my perfect setting. The kids know me well, they send me pictures of beaches in lovely tropical places. I fear flying so that is the closest that I shall get to these exotic WARM places. I seem strange to my friends because when they head to the beach I always ask them to bring be back sand from their travels...I do not have very many bottles of sand but the ones I do have are special to me. Now, I do not like to be dirty or feel dirty so you would think that I would not like the feel of sand, but I do. Walking on the beach is a form of therapy for me. The feel and the smell of everything that God has created is therapeutic. I stand in awe of His wondrous works of creation...I feel small when I look out at the vast ocean and grow strangely quiet when I listen to the sounds of the crashing waves....'be still and know that I AM'. God is awesome. I miss the beach for many reasons, some are selfish but also I need the beach to draw me closer to God. Well, I can be drawn in other ways, but for me the ability to seem small and in need is at the ocean. May your day be warm and may you find yourself drawn ever closer to God the Father =0)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Review: A Collection of Wednesdays

Amy Gaither Hayes' A Collection of Wednesdays is a wonderful reflective style book best read in little snippets so as to truly reflect on how God has each of us in His ever-loving hands as we navigate this chaotic life. When the world seems to be too much and our daily tasks either too overwhelming or we question why we are in the place we are in now Amy shows the reader that everyone has those days, and God is in them all.
Found throughout the pages are the author's own poems, lessons learned and advice gained from her mother, mother-in-law, her mentor...many people she has cried out to, laughed with and learned from in her life.
An enjoyable read to see that all women have ups and downs in so many of the same areas of life, we all have the good and the stress and God is there. So in all our seemingly random life events, God has it all worked out and we just need to trust Him and find our own collection of Wednesdays.
The publisher of this book provided me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I don't like to use the term 'best' friend...I have friends and they are all truly wonderful. We all have friends that are closer then others in different ways, well I thought of one today. I really miss her, some say she was taken too soon, others view it as her reward...either way I really miss her...

...Alice, how do I describe the friendship I cherish with her? She has been with the Lord for over 5 months and I can still hear her laugh, see her face, and smile at the memories of our times together :) When I think of her I think of the beach first then of crochet and then photos.

Alice, even though she could not swim, loved the beach. I love the beach because I can go out in the waves and be taken away. I learned to love the beach for its sounds and smells by being there with her. I can see her in the mornings with her coffee sitting in the sand having her time with God. I remember being in Nags Head with her and she got in the pool with me and went to the 5 foot area. She was holding on to the side of the pool saying, "Sara, I trust you...I know you won't let me drown" I was so proud of her courage to get in the deep water and so honored by her trust in me to not let her drown.

I would have never known that her strength would be tested years later with cancer. Her strength proved strong, her strength was in the Lord and he carried her, with dignity through her battle. A battle that she ultimately won in being with the Lord, we may be quick to think of it as a loss, we have lost her for only a little while for we shall see her again.

I miss my friend, I love you Alice...

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Wind is Blowing.....

The weather outside is wonderful!!! It almost hit 70 =o} the wind is blowing crazy though around 10-30+ mph. That's OK, the windows were open, that is until Ernie decided to spread the horse manure in the yard, lol, I quickly closed the windows! Buddy wasn't very happy to have them closed but he'll have another chance to smell the outside, possibly tomorrow.

Amber and EC have been busy/active at college. EC has always been my adventurer in rappelling and such, Amber was not as bold but did lots of sports and of course horse riding. But, both are now rock climbing! EC was certified over the summer in Maine and he asked Amber to go to the rock wall gym with him and get certified in belaying...she has a new hobby =) I think that it's wonderful that they are so daring, they definitely did not get that from me. Ernie loved doing stuff like that in the Army so it's his doing. They did some bouldering yesterday, this is where you do not have a harness or ropes, of course they both text me afterwards saying how much they loved doing that! I am content to read, cross-stitch, scrapbook, take stuff.

Well, I better run. I have a few more things to straighten up before Ernie gets home. He mentioned something about dinner when he gets home :0) hope he meant we were going out lol. Have I ever mentioned I prefer not to cook. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!